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AccountReporter Configurable Reports

AccountReporter has the capability to produce custom reports. Using the Configurable Report Profile you can choose what fields you would like to export into a report. An Report Profile works with one type of document such as a Contact or Opportunity, etc. Once the Report Profile is created it can be saved and shared.

Warning: Your accounts may be different based on your configuration.

Configurable Report

1. Create your own report by filling out a Configuration Profile like the one below. See the field descriptions below.

[Configurable Reports Screenshot 1]

2. After picking a field, clicking on the Field Name itself will bring up dialog that allows you to further configure the column.
  Label – the field label on the top row if “Include Field Label Row” is checked in the export profile
  Width – the column width
  Number Format – the format, change this only if the default format is not working
  Horizontal Alignment – left, center,right
  Notes/Excel Formula – allows you to pass a Notes or Excel Formula to Excel. By default the formula is the name of the Field so use caution when changing this parameter. This powerful feature allows you to use data in your spreadsheet in formulas such as multiplying to columns or displaying values over a certain amount, etc

[Configurable Reports Screenshot 2]

3. Many times these reports require a trial and error approach to get just what you want but once you get the configuration profile set up it can be used over and over to produce just the right report


Report Profile:

(Note:  The content and/or arrangement of fields on this tab may vary depending upon your company’s configuration.  See your AccountManager administrator with questions).

Field Name



An internal use (not on Report) field to help describe the use of this configurable export profile.

Report Title

The title of the report displayed at the top of the report.

Report Type

The type of document to be used in the report such as Contact, Opportunity, etc. 

One Row per

One row on your report per header or per line item. If choosing “Header” you will have one row per document and will not be able to choose line item fields. If choosing Line Item you will have a row of data for every line item with header data repeated on every row.


No Header will not put anything in the header area. 

Include Standard Header will put your logo in upper right and name/address in upper right.

Use template will allow you to attach a template that will be used in place of our standard template 

Include Field Label Row

Checked will include a row of field names.

Start Data at Row

The row to begin data.


Each column can hold a field of data. Click on hotspot to choose a field.


Used to further describe how to use this export.