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AccountManager Principal CRM Dashboard

The Principal CRM Dashboard makes updating your Principals’ CRM software much easier, more accurate and more timely.  The Principal CRM Dashboard displays only those document that have been created or have had a field modified since the last time you updated your Principal’s CRM.  It displays just the information you need to update in your Principals’ CRM so you no longer have to search for the information. It even assures that salespeople fill out everything the Principal needs in their CRM.

The first step in using the dashboard is to create a CRM Profile for each principal that you want to update.  See Accounts/Principal CRM Profile Help. You will then create a CRM Layout for each type of document that you want to update. See Accounts/Principal CRM Profile/CRM Layout Help. We currently support Opportunities but others will be released soon.

Once you have created the Principal CRM Profiles and the CRM Layout you want to use you are now ready to use the dashboard. The Principal CRM Dashboard is accessible from the maintenance menu and will display just what needs to be updated.

In order to use the Principal CRM Dashboard a user will require the PrinCRMAdmin ACL Role.