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AccountManager Contact Import

AccountManager provides a way for you to import your contacts. It is important to remember that contacts are linked to accounts, except personal contacts.  The import process allows you to map your spreadsheet, import the data and link contacts to accounts or even generate accounts from imported contact data. Once the imports are all linked to accounts (they will have green flag) you can then generate contacts. You must be a SysAdmin to perform a contact import.

Most of the work required when importing contacts is linking them to Accounts. A Contact (except for personal) must be linked to an Account.  Use the actions in the import view from left to right until all of the imports have a green flag. Begin by 1) Importing the file, 2) Match them to existing accounts, 3) Link any that don’t match exactly, 4) Create Accounts for the remaining. You can then 5) Set any Personal Contact and the appropriate Account Manager.  Also you can delete any individual contact you do not want to import. When you have contacts that have a green flag you can select them and 6) Create Contact (sel).

Only use the “Delete all these Imports” if the data did not import properly. 

[Contact Import Screenshot 1]

Action Buttons:

Button Name


1- Import Contacts

Clicking this action will prompt you for the import profile you wish to use then the spreadsheet you wish to import. Be sure to review the guidelines on the import profile if the imported data does not look like what you expect.  Verify that the data matches the column headings, First Names look like first names, Zip Codes look like zip codes, etc.

2 – Match Accounts

Clicking this action will link these imports to existing accounts. If the Company, Division and Location match an account then it will link the import to the existing account. The Account Manager and Account Type of the account will be assigned to the import. 

3- Link to Account (sel)

Clicking this action will allow you to link any remaining contact to existing accounts. You must select the imports you want to link.

4 – Create Accounts (sel)

Clicking this action will generate accounts for selected imports. It also links the contact to the newly generated account.

5 – Personal – Set Account Type to Personal (sel)

Clicking this action will let you set any remaining contact that would not be linked to an account as personal. These contacts will only be visible to the Account Manager listed in the Account Manage column. If there is no Account Manager or it is wrong you can change it by using the 5 – Personal – Set Account Manager (sel) action below.

5 – Personal – Set Account Manager (sel)

Clicking this action will let you set the Account Manager of personal contacts in case they are not yours. Remember – These contacts will only be visible to the Account Manager.

6 – Create Contact (sel)

Clicking this action will create contacts from these imports.

Delete all these imports

Clicking this action will delete all import if you want to start over. You can not undo this.

A green flag ([green flag image]) will be displayed in the first column once an import has everything it need to become a contact