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AccountManager Principal CRM Dashboard Layout

The Principal CRM Dashboard Layout manages information related to a Principal’s CRM Document such as an Opportunity.

The CRM Layout contain the type of document and the fields that you have to update from this document. You can choose the fields you which to display in the Principal CRM Dashboard. You can also control if the fields listed are required by users. The radio button Force/Warn will either force the user to enter a value or simply warn the user on fields checked as required.

There are two tabs on the form. The Document Settings tab manages header fields.  The Line Item Settings tab manages line item detail fields.

Creating a Principal CRM Dashboard Layout

1. Open the AccountManager database and open the Principal CRM Dashboard Profile you wish to create a CRM Document Profile for. You can find Principal CRM Profiles in the Principal Account Profile, choose View/CRM Profiles if you have the rights to modify Principal Accounts.  You can also look in the related documents frame on the right side of an Account Profile. You may have to create one.

2. Double click to open a CRM Profile.

3. A CRM Document Profile form will open.

4. Click on the “Create CRM Layout” button.

5.  A Principal CRM Layout form will open.

6. Populate the fields described below.

7. “Save” & “Close” the profile.

Principal CRM Layout Profile Field Descriptions

[Dashboard Layout Screenshot 1]

[Dashboard Layout Screenshot 2]

[Dashboard Layout Screenshot 3]

Layout Action Buttons:

Button Name 



Closes the CRM Document Profile.

Save / Edit

(toggles between) 

Edit – Enables the ability to edit the CRM Document Profile.  No changes can be made until the Edit button is clicked.

Save  Saves the CRM Document Profile.

CRM Dashboard

Opens the Principal CRM Dashboard.

Layout Field Names:

Field Name



The Principal the CRM Document Profile relates to.


The type of CRM, informational only.


Used to describe this profile.

Required Field Setting

Force/Warn. Force will require the user to enter a value, warn will just warn the user to enter a value in fields checked as required.



Field 1-40

Select the field you would like to display in the Principal CRM Dashboard.

Field Action Buttons:

Button Name



Adds a field or formula to the end of layout profile.


Inserts a field or formula above the selected row.


Deletes the selected row.

Field Field Names:

Field Name



The AccountManager Field.

AcctMgr Label

The AccountManager Field label.

AcctMgr Field

The AccountManager Field name.


Checked makes the field either required or just a warning to the user based on the “Required Field Setting” above. If Force the user must populate it prior to continuing otherwise Warn will just notify the user it should be populated but allows the user to continue saving.  

CRM Label

The label that will be displayed for this field on the dashboard. Make this the same as the field in your principal’s crm so you know what field to update in their crm. (Ex. if you are using the Program field in AccountManager but the principal refers to it as Project. Change this to project and you will know what field to look for in the principal’s crm.


The width of the field as displayed in the dashboard.


The data type of the field to synchronize.

“Text” – used for alpha numeric string values such as ABC or ABC123

Currency” or “Currency w/o Decimal” – used for currency such as $4,000.00 or $4,000

“Number” – used for numeric values, both integer and decimal such as 12 or 12.34

“Percentage” – used for percentage such as 7% or 70.00%

“General” – used for dates such as 1/1/2015 or 01/01/2015 or a formula that results in a date such as @Today