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AccountManager Notes

Notes can be used to store information relative to an Account or Contact.  They are visible in Account or Contact views, under the associated Account or Contact, or in the Linked Documents area of an Opportunity Profile (if linked to an opportunity).  They should usually only be used to store general information that is not time-sensitive or covered in other areas of Account or Contact profiles.  Examples of uses for Notes are to store shipping account numbers, contract information, procedural information, driving directions, etc.

Creating Notes

1. Open the AccountManager database, and go to any Accounts or Contacts view. 

2. Select the Account or Contact you wish to create a Note for, and click the “Note” button in the action bar.  A Note document will open, pre-populated with the phone and address information of the contact or account.

3. Fill in the basic information, and add any necessary attachments.

4. “Save” and “Close” the document.  It will now be visible under that contact or account in the views.

Note Field Descriptions

[Notes Screenshot 1]

Action Buttons:

Button Name 



Closes the Note.

Save / Edit

(toggles between) 

Edit – Enables the ability to edit the Note.  No changes can be made until the Edit button is clicked.

Save –  Saves the Note.

Link To Opportunity

Allows you to select up to three opportunities to link this Note to.  The Note is then visible in the Linked Documents area of the Opportunity profile


Field Descriptions:

Field Name



General subject matter of the note.  (Can be manually entered or click the hyperlink to select.  Choices are populated by your AccountManager Administrator).

Detailed Description

Detailed description of the Note.


Associated principals, if any.   (Click the hyperlink to select).


Results or additional information regarding the Note.  (Clicking the hyperlink will preface your comments with your name and datestamp).


Attachments relative to the Note.  Click to place your cursor in the Attachments field, then go to “File > Attach” to browse to and select the file(s) to be attached.