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AccountManager “Action > Function” Menu

Several features in AccountManager can be accessed in the “Actions > Function” menu.

[Menu Screenshot 1]

“Actions > Function” Menu Choice Descriptions:

Function Menu Option Description
Broadcast Email

Launches a broadcast email to the selected contacts.  By default, a broadcast email populates the “Bcc:” field with the email addresses of the selected contacts.  Once you compose the body of the email and send it, it is not linked to each contact as a response document.  It is merely saved in your email’s “Sent” folder if your AccountManager User Profile is configured to copy mail there.

Change Activity (sel)

Opens a dialog box in which you can manipulate multiple activity-related fields on the selected documents (such as reassigning activities from one user to another).  Though multiple types of activities can be selected at once (Action Items, Emails, Meetings) only the pertinent fields will be updated on each document (i.e. setting a Due Date on all selected documents will have no affect on an Email because that field doesn’t exist on Emails).

Close Follow Up (sel)

In an Activities view, closes the follow up function of the selected Activities (unchecked the “Enable Follow-up?” checkbox, and removes the activities from open follow up views.)

Excel Export (sel)

Exports the selected rows to Microsoft Excel.  Note:  this feature tends to work better in views that are somewhat “flat” (such as “Opportunities > Additional > Reporting Layout”) compared to categorized views with response documents (such as an opportunity view where you have to expand opportunities to see the line items).  In any case, only the columns visible in the view, will be exported into Excel.

Export Contacts (sel)

Exports address information of selected contacts in to a comma delimited file used primarily for mail merge. 

Form Email

Initiates creation of Form Email (based on a template) to the selected contacts. Also support creating from selected Action Items or Biz Docs.  (See “Form Letter” help for more into).

Form Letter

Initiates creation of Form Letter (based on a template) to the selected contacts.  (See “Form Email” help for more into).

Index Views

Indexes the views in the Local Replica of AccountManager (while views are indexing, the Lotus Notes client will be “frozen” until completion).  It is recommended to use the scheduled local indexing agent instead. (See “User Profile” help for more information on enabling the scheduled agent).

Send Emails (sel)

Send the selected emails (to be used in the “Activities > Unsent Emails” view) as in the case of creating multiple Form Emails at once.