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AccountManager Commission Rates Maintenance

The AccountManager “Commission Rates” maintenance view provides an easy way for you to enter or manage default commission rates that are used in SalesAnalysis.  This is a good place to view all your account based default commission rates in one place and make any adjustments that might be necessary. Account based default commission rates are stored in Account Profiles, Location Profiles and Account Number documents and are all displayed and can be managed in this maintenance view.

Default Commission Rates can be stored at several levels and for four different commission rates.  Default commission rates can be stored for

Direct Firm Commission Rate

Distribution Firm Commission Rate

Direct Account Manager Commission Rate

Distribution AccountManager Commission Rate

Follow this link to see more information about Account Numbers (link needed) and how to use them to store account specific firm and account manager commission rates.

Default Firm/AccountManager Commission Rate Order of Precedent 

The order in which SalesAnalysis search for a commission rate to use is as follows:

(Note: Principal/Account specific commission rates can only be created for the primary account type in SalesAnalysis specified as the first non Principal tab in Sales Analysis)

1. Customer Part Number (Firm commission rate only)

2. Manufacturer Part Number (Firm commission rate only)

3. Account Number for the matching Principal/Account

4. Account Profile or Location Profile for the matching Account or Location

5. Account Profile for matching Principal

6. User Profile for matching AccountManager (Account Manager commission rate only)

7. Configuration Profile in SalesAnalysis

Using the Commission Rates maintenance view:

8. Open the “Maintenance > Commission Rates” view.

9. Click the “New Account” button to create a new account, most likely the account will already exist, so look before creating a new one.

10. Click the “New Account Number” button to create a new account number, it may or may not exist, so look before creating a new one.

11. If the Account or Account Number already exists then simply click in the commission rate cell to modify a rate. You do not need to double click to open the document.

[Commission Rates Maintenance Screenshot]