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AccountManager Action Items

Action Items can help you manage important items such as phone calls and events.  They can be associated with contacts or accounts, and linked to opportunities. Users can create Action Items for themselves or schedule them for other users.  Multiple users can collaborate on one Action Item in working towards completion.

Creating Action Items

1. Open the AccountManager database, and click once on the account or contact you wish to create an Action Item for.  (Note:  Since Action Items can be created based on an individual contact or an entire account, you may wish to consider which option is more appropriate for each instance.  The choice you make will govern in which type of document the Action Item appears as a “Linked Document”.)

2. An Action Item form will open.

  • Address and phone information for the associated contact or account will display in the header area, as well as a hyperlink to open that contact or account.
  • “Follow Up Date” and “Due Date” will pre-populate with the current date.
  • “Scheduled For” and “Scheduled By” will default to your name.

3. Decide whether this item is a “Call” or a “Task” and select a priority (High, Medium, or Low).

4. Enter the appropriate “Follow Up Date” (when you will begin working on this item) and “Due Date” (when it must be completed).

5. Click the hyperlinks such as “Regarding” and “Principal” and make the appropriate or applicable choices.

6. If you are scheduling this Action Item for another person or people, click the “Scheduled For” hyperlink to select their name(s).

7. Enter a “Description” of the Action Item and “Last Results” or “Internal Comments” as needed.  Attachments can also be added at this time.

8. “Save” & “Close” the Action Item. 

Action Item Field Descriptions

[Action Items Screenshot 1]

Action Buttons:

Button Name Usage
Close Closes the action item
Save/Edit (toggles between)

Edit – Enables the ability to edit the Action Item.  No changes can be made until the Edit button is clicked.

Save  Saves the Action Item 


Dials the phone number of the contact or account if you have Windows dialer or “Skype Out” configured on your computer.  (See your administrator with questions)

Forward Activity

Launches a new email containing a text version of the information from the Action Item, so that it can be sent to someone outside your organization (such as a principal).

Link to Opportunity

Allows you to link this Action Item to up to three opportunity profiles.  Hyperlinks to these opportunities are added to the Action Item, and the Action Item is then visible in the “Linked Documents” area of the Opportunities.

Field Names:

Field Names Description
Account Profile or Contact Profile

Clicking this hyperlink will open the account or contact profile you selected to create the Action Item.

Type (“Call”/”Task”)

Use the dropdown menu to indicate whether this action is a call or a task.

Include on Report

Checking this box will include this action on reports generated from AccountManager.


Status of Action Item (Open/Closed/On Hold).


Priority of the Action Item (High/Medium/Low).

Follow Up Date

Choose the date you (or the “Scheduled For” person) should begin working on this Action Item.

Due Date

Choose the date this Action Item must be completed by.


Click the hyperlink to select what this Action Item is regarding. (Choices populated by your AccountManager administrator).

Scheduled For

Defaults to your user name when initially created.  You may click the hyperlink and select another user to delegate or assign this task to one or more other users within your organization.  Depending on the other users’ preferences, they may receive a notification alerting them to the Action Item once it has been saved (Lotus Notes Email users only). 

Scheduled By

Defaults to your name when initially created.  You may click the hyperlink to select another user if overseeing this Action Item has moved to someone else.  The “Scheduled By” user may receive notifications each time this Action Item is updated depending on their preferences (Lotus Notes Email users only).


Click the hyperlink to select the appropriate principal associated with this opportunity (if applicable).  This is most often used when running “Activity Reports” for a particular principal.


Enter a brief description of the Action wanted.  This information is visible in Activity views and included on notification emails.

Last Results

Click the hyperlink to add the current date/time and your name before any comments or updates.  Future updates by involved users should be entered the same way.

Results History

Each time the “Last Results” hyperlink is clicked, the previous comments are moved to this area.

Internal Comments

Internal comments you would not want included on a report may be entered here.  Click the hyperlink first, to include date/time stamp and your name.


File attachments may be added by placing your cursor in this field, then clicking on File > Attach and browsing for the file(s).