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AccountManager Web Overview

AccountManager™ Web from Empowering Systems provides you with access to the most critical information in AccountManager all from a web browser.  All you need is a connection to the Internet and a web browser (Chrome, Edge or Safari on Macintosh), and best of all it’s available to any user licensed for AccountManager. Follow the link below to try out the latest developments in AccountManager Web.

While you can’t do everything just yet, AccountManager Web gives you access to many features in AccountManager, SalesAnalysis, LeadManager, and more. When you don’t need a local desktop client, it’s perfect for:

  • Use at a kiosk or business center computer…be sure to log out and clear your browser history.
  • Salespeople that don’t need a desktop client or have the space or don’t want to replicate SalesAnalysis.
  • Use on a Macintosh system. Ask about AccountManager Mobile for use on an IOS/Android.
  • New or temporary employees. Get an employee working quickly with out the need for the desktop client.
  • Home or limited use computer. Don’t need the full client then just use AM Web.
  • Build you own views and integrate with third party apps that are not available on the desktop client.

Follow this link to try AccountManager Web.  Bookmark this link so you can open it right from your browser.

[AccountManager Web Screenshot]