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AccountManager Server Log Files View

AccountManager maintains log files in the “Maintenance > Server Log Files” view.  These logs identify documents which may not comply with certain criteria defined in the system.  The processes are scheduled, which means they are normally set to run automatically, usually at non-peak times such as every morning at 2:00am.  However, you may also run these processes manually under the guidance of Empowering Systems support staff.

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Action Buttons:

Button Name


Run System Maintenance Now

Run Verify and Update – Runs a combination of the two processes described below, and generates a log file for each.

Run Verify Only – Runs a process which inspects the documents in AccountManager and checks their compliance with certain criteria.  Documents not in compliance are then listed on the resulting log file.  You may open the logs to view any errors.  Each log supersedes previous logs of the same type, therefore it is recommended that you only address the most recent log file.  See “System Verify Log” help documentation for more information on addressing errors.

Run Update Only – Runs a process which updates documents according to changes recently made to accounts, contacts, branch settings, etc.  For example, changing the company name of an account during the day, means that overnight when the Update process runs, all the contacts, biz docs, etc. linked to that account will inherit the change to the company name.

Run Index Views Now

Runs a process that indexes the views within the database.  Indexing the views regularly, will improve performance by facilitating views opening much more quickly.  A log file will be generated listing the views that have been indexed.

Remove Deletions

Runs a process on the server replica of AccountManager that removes all of the documents that have been marked for deletion by users, and approved for deletion by an administrator.   A log file will be generated indication how many documents were deleted. Remove Deletions requires a backup file named AMBackup.nsf in the same folder as AccountManager.