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AccountManager Help Utility/Upgrade Maintenance/Unlinked Contacts

The AccountManager upgrade checks for Unlinked Contacts. An unlinked contact is a non-personal contact that does not have a corresponding account profile.  All contacts must belong to an Account.

Unlinked Contacts the upgrade found should be displayed in this view. You should consider:

A) Changing the Account Type to Personal if they are not related to an Account and not Personal for some reason. Personal contact are usually not business related, like a relative or health care professional, etc.

B) Delete the Contact is it is no longer needed.

C) Generate Accounts for selected contacts. If you have many unlinked contacts and want to create accounts for them all, just select the contact and choose “Generate Account (sel)” action button.

Note: If you have so many unlinked contacts and want to just ignore that they are unlinked then contact Empowering Systems Support so we can reset this flag.  Be aware that these contacts will not be able to be used in a business document or be updated via an account if not linked.

[Contacts Screenshot]


Action Buttons:

Button Name


New Contact

Used to create  a New Contact if needed.

Change Account Type to Personal (sel)

Changes the Account Type on selected unlinked contact to Personal, removing the requirement for an Account.

Mark Contact for Delete (sel)

Removes the contact from all views and prepares it to be deleted by marking it for delete. See Utilities for more information.

Generate Account (sel)

This action will generate a unique Account Profile for the selected contact and link those contact to the newly created account.