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AccountManager Create Envelope

AccountManager provides the ability to print envelopes with your contacts’ information.  The Envelope feature is designed to be used with envelopes with pre-printed return addresses.

Printing Envelopes:

1. Open the AccountManager database, and go to your preferred “Contacts” view.

2. Select the contact you wish to print an envelope for by clicking once on it.

3. Go to “Actions > Correspondence > Create Envelope”

[Create Envelope Screenshot 1]

4. The Envelope document will open.  This is an editable screen–feel free to make any edits, additions or modifications to the address before continuing

[Create Envelope Screenshot 2]

5. Note the printing recommendations provided in the envelope document and adjust your printer’s settings if necessary.

6. When ready, load an envelope into your printer, and click “Print”.

7. When finished, do not save the document when closing.  If modifications need to be made to your contact, do so on the Contact Profile.