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AccountManager Mailing Lists

AccountManager provides the ability to create Mailing Lists for grouping contacts together at your discretion.  Mailing Lists are folders visible to all AccountManager users.  Contacts grouped in the Mailing List folders can be used for a variety of purposes such as Form Emails and Letters, exporting to Microsoft Excel, or printing envelopes or mailing labels.  

Creating Mailing List Folders

1. Open the AccountManager database.

2. Click on “Actions > Correspondence > Create New Folder”

[Mailing Lists Screenshot 1]

3. When prompted, enter a name for your Mail List Folder in the dialog box, and click “OK.”

[Mailing Lists Screenshot 2]

4. Click “OK” to acknowledge the below message.

[Mailing Lists Screenshot 3]

5. Close and reopen AccountManager, and your list should display towards the bottom-left of the screen

[Mailing Lists Screenshot 4]


Adding Contacts to a Mail List Folder

6. Open any “Contacts” view.

7. Select the contacts you want to add to the Mail List folder by placing checkmarks next to them in the margin.

[Mailing Lists Screenshot 5]

8. Click on one of the selected contacts and hold down the mouse button.  “Drag” the contact to the Mail List folder (this will bring all of the selected contacts at once).  “Drop” the contacts by releasing the mouse button.  The selected contacts should now be in your Mail List folder.  Click on that folder’s name to view the contents.

[Mailing Lists Screenshot 6]


Removing Contacts from a Mail List Folder

9. Open the folder you want to remove contacts from.

10. Select the contact(s) you want to remove from the folder by placing checkmarks in the column.

11. Click the “Remove Contact From Folder” button in the action bar

[Mailing Lists Screenshot 7]