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AccountManager Locations

Location documents are used when there is more than one physical location for a particular company.  Locations are always linked to a parent account profile.  They can be shared by all the users of an AccountManager database, and are governed by the same policies as Account profiles.  Your AccountManager Administrator may have set certain restrictions, such as allowing field salespeople to only see their own customers.

A Location document only contains basic information such as that location’s phone/fax numbers, address information and assigned salespeople.  Other more detailed information, such as account Industry, Category, etc. is inherited from the parent account profile, so is not repeated or editable on a Location document.

Creating Location

1. Open the AccountManager database, and go to any “Accounts” view.  Double-click to open the account profile you want to create a location for.

2. Click the “New” button and choose “Location”.  A Location document will open up pre-populated with the “Company”, “Account Manager”, “Account Type” and “Territory” of the parent account profile. 

3. Enter a “Location” name that will help differentiate this location from any others for this account.  Many times, this may be as simple as a city name.

4. Fill in additional phone, fax and address information of the new location.

5. Click the “Account Manager” hyperlink to select the appropriate account manager(s) for this location.  You will only be able to choose from the account managers assigned to parent account.  (Account managers for Locations, must also be assigned to the parent account for security and access purposes)

Location Field Descriptions

(Note:  The fields available on your Location documents may vary from those in the example, depending upon your company’s configuration.  See your AccountManager administrator with any questions.)

[Locations Screenshot 1]

Action Buttons:

(Note:  The Action Buttons available on your Location profiles may vary from those in the example, depending up on the account type of the location’s company)

Button Name



Closes the location document.

Save / Edit

(toggles between) 

Edit – Enables the ability to edit the Locations.  No changes can be made until the Edit button is clicked.

Save –  Saves the Location 


Contact – Opens a new contact profile for the location.

Account Number – Enables entry of a principal-specific account number for this location.

Multiplier – Enables entry of a principal-specific multiplier for this location.


Used to choose which types of linked documents you wish to have displayed in the embedded view on the righthand side of the Location document.  Choose between “All documents” at once, or just one type of document at a time, such as Contacts or Opportunities.


“Location Info” Tab:

Field Name



Name of the company this location belongs to.  Autopopulated from the corresponding parent account profile, this may not be edited on the Location document.


Name of the location.


Location’s telephone number (clicking the “Phone” button will dial the phone number if you have Windows dialer, or Skype Out configured on your computer.  See your administrator with questions).


Location’s fax number.


Location’s postal address.  Two fields provided to accommodate Address1 (i.e. street address) and Address2 (i.e. building or suite #).


Location’s city.


Location’s state/province.

Zip/Postal Code

Location’s Zip/postal code.


Location’s country.

Account Type

Account type of parent account.  (Autopopulated with same setting as the parent account, this may not be edited on the Location document).


Territory the location belongs to.  (Autopopulated with the same setting as the parent account, this may be changed on the Location document).

Account Manager

Field/Outside salesperson assigned to this location.  (Autopopulated with the same choices as the parent account, this may be modified for the location document by clicking the hyperlink to select.  Only salespeople assigned to the parent account are eligible to be assigned to the location.  This assignment may govern whether an individual can see and access this account profile).

Inside Sales

Inside sales or customer service person assigned to this account.  (Click the hyperlink to select.  This field is informational only, and does not govern visibility or access to the account profile).


“Misc” Detail Tab:

Field Name



Additional comments or information that was not appropriate in other fields.  Click the hyperlink to preface the comments with your name, date and time the comment was entered.


Files attached to this profile.  Can also be used to store other URL’s or web site addresses relative to the account.