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AccountManager Forecast Data Profile

The Forecast Date Profile controls the dates associated with forecasting. The Forecast Date field is used to set the first forecast period (Month or Quarter).  It is then used as the first Forecast field in a Forecast Profile, the first Forecast column in editable views and other views.  It is also used as the first period in an Opportunity/Design Win Forecast if Production Date is not specified.

In general this date is advanced when it is time to manage the next forecast period. Remember this is the beginning of the forecast range. You might consider “rolling” the forecast after advancing this date as this will populate the last period (month/quarter) with the prior months data allowing user to adjust as needed. See Utilities help for more information.

[Forecast Data Profile Screenshot 1]

Forecast Profile Action Buttons:

Button Name



Closes the forecast profile.


Saves the forecast profile.