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AccountManager Security Overview

AccountManager Security


AccountManager provides very granular levels of security. The typical configuration is for sales people to only see information related to their own accounts. Inside Sales and Sales Managers typically see everything in the database. Although this is typical security can be configured so that everyone can access everything.

Security is controlled by the database ACL (Access Control List), user roles and the configuration profile.  The database ACL and user roles control who can access the database and what they can do once inside the database.  The user roles for AccountManager are listed below.

Admin Support – user has access to all data in the database.  Inside Sales and Managers will typically have this role.

Management – user has access to management level views, rolling up data by account manager.

Open Docs – user has access to all documents with open security. Everyone gets this role.

Personal – user has access to all documents (including other users) with Personal Account Type, typically personal contacts. Only server and/or system administrators requires this role. 

PrinCRMAdmin – user has access to create, view and update Principal CRM Profiles and the Dashboard.

SysAdmin – user has access to the configuration profile, agent control and other administration tools.

Below is an example of how security could be set up:






Open Docs



Admin Support, Open Docs, Management

Inside Salesperson


Admin Support, Open Docs

System Administrator

Designer or Manager

Admin Support, Open Docs, SysAdmin, (Personal – when performing upgrades)


AccountManager User Profile Security

The User Profile has several security settings, including the ability to “Mark for Delete”, modify principal account profiles and more. See the help on User Profile settings for more information