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AccountManager Archive Approved View

AccountManager’s “Archive Approved” view provides administrators the ability to review documents approved for archiving.  Administrators can either “Restore” documents marked for archive, or perform an archive of the documents in the view.  Users can set documents to be Mark for Archive using the Action/Utilities menu. To perform an archive, please contact Empowering Systems support staff for assistance in setting up your archive database.

[Approved View Screenshot]

“Archive Approved” View Action Buttons:

Button Name Usage
Restore (Sel)

Restores the selected documents to their original positions and views in AccountManager.  If the document is a “child document” (i.e. an opportunity line item), its associated “parent document” (i.e. opportunity header) will also be restored.

Perform Archive

To permanently archive documents, please contact Empowering Systems support staff.