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AccountManager “Actions > Synchronize Contacts with Address Book” Feature

AccountManager can synchronize its contacts to your Lotus Notes personal address book contacts or Microsoft Outlook address book contacts based on the AccountManager’s configuration for Email.  Any reference to a “personal address book” below means either Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook, based on the configuration. Your personal address book can then be synchronized with your smartphone using the appropriate synchronization software for the device. Most smartphones have wired synchronization for both Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook. If you are interested in a wireless synchronization solution please contact ESI Support for more information.

To see the contacts in your Lotus Notes personal address book choose the “Open” button just under File then choose “Contacts”. To see the contacts in Microsoft Outlook, look for the “AcctMgr Contacts” folder in the Outlook.

Setting up Synchronizing AccountManager Contacts:

1. Open AccountManager and go to “Settings > User Profiles.”  Double-click on your user profile to open it.

2. Click Edit, and go to the “Address Book Sync” tab.

3. Make the appropriate selections in the account types section to limit the types of contacts you want to synchronize.  For instance, you may want to synchronize only your customer contacts, but all distributor contacts.

[Address Book Screenshot 1]

4. Enable the automatic synchronization agent by clicking on the “Enable” button.  Your AccountManager contacts will now be set up to automatically synchronize with your local address book once you perform an initial manual synchronization described in step 5.

**NOTE** This step only applies to users with a local replica of AccountManager.  If you do not have a local replica of AccountManager, go to “Actions > Synchronize > Contacts with Address Book” to update your address book with new or updated AccountManager contacts prior to synchronizing with your PDA.

5. To perform an initial sync or just to force a synchronization at any time choose Action/Synchronize/Contacts with Address Book. If automatic synchronization is turned on as described in step 4 then any contacts will automatically synchronize with your address book.

[Address Book Screenshot 2]

Resetting Your Personal Address Book:

If you want to reset your contacts because they have become out of sync, you get a new device or you are directed by support then follow the steps below.

6. Open AccountManager and go to “Actions > Synchronize > Reset Address Book.

[Address Book Screenshot 3]

7. Click “Yes” to the prompt about deleting AM Contacts from your personal address book.

[Address Book Screenshot 4]

8. At this point your Personal Address Book should not have any AccountManager contacts in it.  If so, follow the steps above to synchronize the desired AccountManager contacts with your personal address book.