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AccountManager Multiplier Entry View

The AccountManager “Multiplier Entry” view provides the option for users to enter multiple discount multipliers for quoting purposes (if your configuration is set to use Multiplier-style pricing for some of your principals).  The “Multiplier Entry” view displays all the multipliers created in AccountManager whether they are created within this view, or by clicking on “New > Multiplier” from within an account profile.   You may sort several of the columns to find information more quickly.

Creating Multipliers:

1. Open AccountManager and go to the “Maintenance > Multiplier Entry” view.

2. Click the “New Multiplier” button.  A multiplier dialog box will appear.

3. Click the hyperlinks to select Company, Principal, and Product Line.

4. Enter the appropriate number in the Multiplier field, and click “OK.”

[Multiplier Entry View Screenshot]