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AccountManager Custom Layout

Custom Layout profiles in AccountManager are used to store and manage all Custom Fields for a particular Document Type. The Opportunity document is supported at this time.

Custom Fields can be located on the Main tab, the Additional tab or even a Line Item. 

Creating a Custom Layout

1. If the custom fields are to support a particular Principal you must specify a Custom Field Prefix in the Principal’s Settings. This can be found by navigating to the Principal Account profile and clicking on the Settings button. A Custom Field Prefix is a shortened version (6 characters or less) of the principal’s name. If the fields are intended for any principal then create an account named “<Any Principal>” and set the Custom Field Prefix to a short version of your company name.

Note: In a Principal Configuration you will have to create an account “<Any Representative>” and add your custom field prefix to that account.

2. Open the AccountManager database and go to the “Maintenance -> Custom Layouts” view. Click the “Create Custom Layout” button on the action bar.

3. Select a Principal,  Document Type and Save the Layout.

4. Add Custom Fields for Main Tab, Additional Tab and Line Items.

[Custom Layout Screenshot 1]

Field Names:

Field Name



The Principal the Custom fields relates to, choose <Any Principal> if they apply to any Principal.

Document Type

The type of document the custom fields should be displayed on.


Used to describe this profile.

Required Field Setting

Warn will simply warn the user allowing them to save and Force will force the user to enter the field prior to saving.


On is enabled. Off is disabled. On Hold is for temporarily disabling a custom profile. A profile must be On for it to be seen by users.



To add a field choose the Add or Insert button on the appropriate tab. A dialog such at the one below will display. Fill in the fields to create a field.

[Custom Layout Screenshot 2]


Custom Fields

Field Settings 



Field Label the user will see on the form.

Field Name

Field Name will be prepended with “C_”+Principal’s Custom Prefix. Name the field something that pertains to the content of the field. 


Check if this is a required field. It will either warn or force based on the Layout’s setting.


See the Field Type options below.


Calculates a value for the field.

Allow values not in List

Used in picklists, allows user to enter their own values.

Value(s) (Formula)

Used for computed fields. A formula that computes the value (text, date, number) or value list (picklists). Use ” double quotes around text values in a formula. 

Formula Fields

Used for computed fields. A list of the fields used in the Value(s) (Formula).

Default Value Formula

Specify Field Default value (Optional). Can not reference another field.

Validation Formula

Validation formula (Optional). ie @If(@Length(C_P1COtext)>5;@True;@False) Currently we can only validate the current field in Web, any field in Notes.

Error Message

Error Message if Validation fails, evaluates to False. (Optional).


Help (Optional). Not implemented yet.


Check if you don’t want to use this field.


Field Types

Field Settings 



Used for short word or phrase.

Text Box

Used for larger text content such as a sentence or paragraph.

Pick List

Used to display a list of choices allowing the user to pick one or more choices based on the field settings.


Used to display a date control.


Used for a number with a currency format.


Used for a numeric value.


Used for a number value with a percent format.


Not implemented yet.


Not implemented yet

Object Field (used for lookups in Principal’s CRM)

Field Settings 



Field Label.

Field Name

Field Name will be prepended with “C_”+Company Short Name.  Company Short Name can be found in the Principal Account Settings.  For example C_BPLObject.


Check if this is a required field.




Notes validation formula (Optional). ie @If(@Length(C_P1COtext)>5;@True;@False) 

Error Message

Error Message if Validation failed (Optional).


Help (Optional). Not implemented yet.


Check if you don’t want to have this field in UI. 


Object Field Values

[Custom Layout Screenshot 3]

5. Open Principal Account Profile and click the “New -> Principal CRM Object”.

6. Specify Object Type (“Other” for Custom Object). Account Object Type not in use at this time.

7. To view existing Objects, from the Principal Account Profile select CRM Objects in Related Documents.


Field Settings 


Reference Field Name

The existing or custom field that stores the Reference Field Value on the AccountManager document (ie Opportunity).

Reference Field Value

CRM Object Name, what you want to name the object.

Reference Object ID

CRM Object ID. Usually appended to the URL in the Principal’s CRM.

Custom Fields On Principal CRM Dashboard Layout

8. Add Formula Field.

9. Specify “AcctMgr Label” and “AcctMgr Field” (Custom Field Label, Field Name from the Custom Layout).

10. Specify “Updated Fields” (Field Name from the Custom Layout).

11. Specify CRM Field from Principal’s CRM. If Principal’s CRM Field is an Object, specify the Principal’s CRM Object Name (ie Account, Contact) after “|”.


[Custom Layout Screenshot 4]

[Custom Layout Screenshot 5]