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AccountManager Help Utility/Upgrade Maintenance/Duplicate Accounts

The AccountManager upgrade checks for duplicate Accounts and Locations. A duplicate Account is one that has the same Company, Division and Location as another account. This is no longer allowed. 

The duplicate Accounts the upgrade found should be displayed in this view. You should consider:

A) Checking if you have any documents related to the duplicate Account. Open each Account and choose Options/All Documents. If running SalesAnalysis then open each Account click on Sales action button to see if you have sales data.  If you only have data under one of the Accounts, delete the one with out any data. Simply select the Account you want to Delete and push the Delete Key. Again be sure you do not have any data related to this Account as it will not be able to be updated.

B) If you have data under both Accounts consider merging the Accounts. Merging Accounts require that they are the same Account Type. Simply select one of the Accounts and choose the Merge action button, then choose the account with the same name to merge them together. This will update all of the related data so they become one Account.

Once you have fixed up these Accounts, click on Refresh this View action button to check if the duplicate still exists. When you are done no Accounts should be listed in this view after clicking “Refresh this View”.

[Accounts Screenshot]


Action Buttons:

Button Name


1- Refresh This View

Clicking this action will check any remaining Accounts for duplicates. After clicking this action any remaining documents are duplicates and must be fixed. 

2 -Merge Accounts

Clicking this action will combine the two accounts. You first select one account then you will be prompted to select a second account to merge into the first.