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AccountManager Delete Pending Views

AccountManager’s “Delete Pending” views provide administrators the ability to review documents marked for delete (MFD) by users with “Mark for Delete” rights enabled on their AccountManager User Profiles.   In the “Delete Pending” views, administrators can either “Restore” documents marked for deletion or “Approve Deletion” of them.  If deletion is approved, the documents will be permanently deleted by the “Remove Deletions” process run on the server.  It’s recommended that AccountManager administrators review the documents in these views periodically, restoring or approving as needed.

[Delete Pending Views Screenshot 1]

“Delete Pending” View Action Buttons

Button Name


Restore (Sel)

Restores the selected documents to their original positions and views in AccountManager.  If the document is a “child document” (i.e. an opportunity line item), its associated “parent document” (i.e. opportunity header) will also be restored.

Approve Delete (Sel)

Approves the selected documents for permanent deletion.  When the “Remove Deletions” process runs on the server, these documents will be permanently deleted from the database.

“Delete Pending” View Description

“Delete Pending” View Name



Displays all the documents marked for deletion, categorized by their document types. 


Displays all account profiles currently marked for deletion.


Displays all location documents currently marked for deletion.


Displays all the contact profiles  currently marked for deletion.


Displays all Biz Docs (i.e. samples, quotes, opportunities, quotes, RFQs, design wins, etc) currently marked for deletion.