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AccountManager Reporting


AccountManager reporting is provided via AccountReporter.  An AccountReporter user license is required to access the reporting features.  Licensing information can be found in your User Profile.  AccountReporter provides a user with the ability to query data and produce reports in Microsoft Excel.  Reports on most types of documents can be run and many have several formats to choose from. In addition to the standard reports we also provide the ability to create your own reports using configurable exports.  Lastly the Account Snapshot provides information across many type of documents for a single account.

Standard Reports – Many formats to choose from with queries to select just the right data. Reports are produced in Microsoft Excel and easily updates, modified or reformatted. Reports can then be emailed as an attachment or simply shared as a file.

Configurable Reports – Create and share report templates for custom reporting requirements. Users choose the fields they want to see, a report title and even use an existing spreadsheet as a template.

Account Snapshot – Run from an Account Profile, will collect the date you check off and produce a report with tabs of data for that accounts. Useful for account reviews or preparing for meetings

[Reporting Screenshot]

AccountReporter requires a separate user license and Microsoft® Excel® 2007 or later.  Not currently supported on Macintosh.