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AccountManager Form Letter Templates

Form Letter Templates are used to store the bodies of letters you may wish you send multiple times or to multiple recipients.  Some examples are thank you letters, introduction letters or a literature cover letters.  They can be shared by all the users of an AccountManager database.  Regardless of who creates the templates, any AccountManager user may create letters based on them.

Creating Form Letter Template

1. Open the AccountManager database, and go to the “Correspondence > Form Letter Templates” view.

2. Click the “Create New Form Letter Template” button.

3. A blank Form Letter Template opens up pre-populated with the “Date Created” and your name as the “Author”.   The letter body will have an example salutation and signature for layout purposes.

4. Enter a “Name” and “Description” for this Form Letter Template and assign a “Category” by clicking the hyperlink.

5. Type the body of your letter between the two brackets.

6. “Save” and “Close” the Form Letter Template.

Form Letter / Form Email Template Field Descriptions

[Form Letter Templates Screenshot]

Action Buttons:

Button Name 



Closes the Form Letter Template.

Edit / Save

(toggles between) 

Edit – Enables the ability to edit the Form Letter Template.  No changes can be made until the Edit button is clicked.

Save –  Saves the Form Letter Template (without closing it).

Save & Close

Saves and closes the Form Letter Template immediately.


Prints the template.

Field Names:

Field Name



Name of the Form Letter Template.


Brief description of what the letter will be used for.


Category this template belongs to (choices populated by your AccountManager administrator)

Date Created

Date this template was created (Defaults to current date and is non-editable).


Author of this template (non-editable field).

Letter Body

User-entered content for the letter.