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AccountManager Principal CRM Dashboard Profile

The Principal CRM Dashboard Profile can manage information related to a Principal’s CRM software including the login information and the Principal CRM Layout Profiles related to the Principal’s CRM.

The CRM Profile holds CRM Layout Profiles which contain the fields that you have to update in the principal’s CRM software. You can find existing CRM Profiles in the Related Documents frame on the right side of an Account Profile or by choosing View/CRM Profiles from an Account Profile if you have the rights to modify principal accounts. 

Creating CRM Profile

1. Open the AccountManager database and then open the Principal account you wish to create a CRM Profile for.

2. Click on the “Create CRM Profile” button.

3. A CRM Profile form will open.

4. Populate the fields described below.

5. “Save” & “Close” the profile. 

CRM Profile Field Descriptions

[Dashboard Profile Screenshot 1]

Action Buttons:

Button Name 



Closes the CRM Profile.

Save / Edit

(toggles between) 

Edit – Enables the ability to edit the CRM Profile.  No changes can be made until the Edit button is clicked.

Save  Saves the CRM Profile.

Create CRM Layout Profile

Creates a new CRM Layout Profile that stores field information.

Field Names:

Field Name



The Principal the CRM Profile relates to.


The type of CRM, informational only.


Used to describe this profile.


The URL link so you can navigate to the website.


Login credentials.