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AccountManager Branch

AccountManager can support a Branch security configuration.  Branch security is useful when you need to group a set of accounts into a physical or virtual grouping. Branches can be used to limit access to a set of accounts that belong to a Branch. The Branch Manager(s) can see all the accounts in a Branch and the Branch Members can be assigned to accounts in the Branch.

Branches are assigned to secure accounts as open accounts are visible to everyone in a branch and to the entire company. Open accounts can be restricted to a particular branch. This is useful if you have a Principal in only one branch. To restrict an open account to a branch check off the “restrict access” check box and choose the branch it should be restricted.

Implementing Branch Security

Please contact Empowering Systems support staff for guidance and assistance in implementing Branch security.

Modifying Branch Members and Managers

1. Open the AccountManager database, and go to the “Settings > Branches” view.

[Branch Screenshot 1]

2. Double-click the open the Branch you need to modify.  The Branch document will open.

[Branch Screenshot 2]

3. Click the “Edit” button, and then the hyperlinks for “Branch Managers” and “Branch Members” to select users for each branch.

[Branch Screenshot 3]

4. “Save” and “Close” the Branch document.



Branch Form Action Buttons:

Button Name Usage
Close Close the Branch form
Edit/Save (toggles between)

Edit – Enables the ability to edit the branch document.  No changes can be made until the Edit button is clicked.

Save –  Saves the branch document.

Branch Managers (hyperlink)

Click to select from a list of user profiles.  Branch Managers can see all accounts within the branch they belong to, regardless of who is assigned as the account manager.

Branch Members (hyperlink)

Click to select from a list of user profiles.  Branch Members can only see accounts that are assigned to their branch.  If a particular account type is set as “Secure” in the configuration profile, that particular account type will be restricted.  Branch Members can only see accounts of that type, that they are listed as an account manager on

Assigning Branches to Accounts

Multiple accounts can be assigned to a branch simultaneously by selecting the accounts, and selecting to “Actions > Utilities” and using the “Change Branch”  utility. See “Utilities” help for more information.

Branches can also be assigned to individual accounts by opening an account profile, clicking “Edit” and using the “Branch” hyperlink to assign.

[Branch Screenshot 4]