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AccountManager Letters

Letters can be created within the AccountManager database.  AccountManager Letters are designed to be printed on paper, not sent “electronically.”  They are saved in AccountManager as linked documents to the contacts you corresponded with, are accessible by anyone with access to those contacts, and can be treated as activities to follow up on. 

Creating Letters

1. Open the AccountManager database and go to any Contacts view.

2. Select the contact you wish to compose a letter for, click the “Letter” action button, and then the “Letter” choice under that.  (Note:  you could also follow these same steps from inside a contact profile).

3. A blank, new letter will open.

4. The Letter area will be pre-populated with the current date, name and address of the selected contact, salutation and closing.

5. The Activity area will be pre-populated with a Follow-Up Date, and your name as the “Scheduled For” person.

6. If future follow-up action will be required on this letter, fill out the Activity area with the follow-up date and person(s) the action is “Scheduled For”.  You can also specify a specific principal, if appropriate, and enter some comments.  If no follow-up action will be needed, change the status to “Closed”.  (Note:  The information from the Activity area is not visible when the letter is printed).

7. Compose the body of the letter between the salutation and closing.

8. Click the “Print” button to print the letter onto letterhead paper.  If you’re going to send or deliver it immediately, you can enter the “Date Sent.”

9. “Save” and “Close” the letter.

[Letters Screenshot 1]

Letter Field Descriptions

(Note:  The action buttons and fields available on your Letter forms may vary slightly from those in the example, depending up on your company’s configuration.  See your AccountManager administrator with any questions).

Action Buttons:

Button Name 



Closes the letter document.

Save / Edit

(toggles between) 

Edit – Enables the ability to edit the letter.  No changes can be made until the Edit button is clicked.

Save –  Saves the letter document. 


Allows you to send a notification email to the account manager(s) assigned to the contact. (Lotus Notes email users only).


Prints the letter.

Link To Opportunity

Allows the letter to be linked to up to three existing opportunity profiles.


Field Descriptions:

Field Name


Date Sent

Date the letter was sent (user entered).

Follow Up Date

Date that follow up is required on the letter.  Defaults to the number of days forward, specified on your user profile.


Status of the document (Open, Closed, On Hold).


Click the hyperlink to select what this letter is regarding. (Choices populated by your AccountManager administrator).


Click the hyperlink to select the types of attachments accompanying this letter.  (Choices populated by your AccountManager administrator).


Comments pertaining to the letter, perhaps to the individuals responsible for following up.  Click the hyperlink to preface your comments with a date and name-stamp.

Scheduled For

The person(s) responsible for following up on the letter.  Defaults to your name when creating the letter, but may be changed to another user, or multiple users.


Click the hyperlink to select a particular principal associated with this letter (if appropriate).