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AccountManager Forward With Link

“Forward With Link” allows users the ability email snapshots of AccountManager documents to other users within your organization, including a link that when clicked on, opens the original document for the recipient.

Forwarding With Link:

1. Open the document you wish to forward.

2. Go to “Actions > Forward With Link”.

[Forward With Link Screenshot 1]

3. A new email will open pre-populated with a subject line (describing the document), your email signature, a link to the original document (“doc link”), and a snapshot of the document you’re forwarding

[Forward With Link Screenshot 2]

4. Address the email to the appropriate recipient(s), add any additional comments, and “Send”!

5. As long as the recipient is another AccountManager user (and would normally have access to this document anyway), they can click the “DocLink” to open the document you referred to in your email.