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AccountManager Settings Views

The AccountManager “Settings” views provide AccountManager administrators access to the system-wide configuration settings and user preferences.

[Settings Views Screenshot 1]

Settings Descriptions:

Setting Name


Configuration Profile

Contains all of the system-wide configuration settings for the AccountManager database.  Requires System Administrator access.  Extreme caution should be used when modifying the Configuration Profile.  Guidance by Empowering Systems’ Support Department is highly recommended.

Company Profile

Stores your company’s general information such as name, address, phone/fax, website and email address.  Populates certain documents with this information such as Report headers.

User Profiles

Each user profile stores the general information about a particular user, such as name, address, phone/fax, and email address.  Also contains user preference settings such as their email signature, quote prefix, the number days forward follow-up dates should be set when creating new documents, and address book synchronization settings.  Users can edit the aforementioned areas of their user profiles.  System Administrators can also modify access settings for each user on the “System” tab of each user profile.  Available options are the ability to Mark for Delete, make SalesAnalysis changes, edit Principal accounts and more.

By License Type

Displays user profiles categorized by license type (used in comparing licenses in use with available licenses on your company’s support contract).


Contains logo document(s) for use in preparing print previews and Microsoft Excel versions of BizDocs and Reports.

Branches or Regions

Contains the Branch documents (in Rep configurations) or Region documents (in Mfr configurations) if utilized by your organization.  This section should never be modified without express direction and supervision by Empowering Systems Support.

Settings not currently supported on Macintosh.