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Error Message: “To run this agent you must have at least one document selected”

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You tried to use “Actions > Function > Excel Export” to extract data from AccountManager or SalesAnalysis, and received the following Error message:  “To run this agent you must have at least one document selected”


You are only selecting Categories, not actual documents, so there is nothing to “export.”


In Lotus Notes views, there is a difference between “Categories” and actual “Documents”.  See below for definitions and examples:

“Categories” are the words, phrase, or numbers used to group documents in a view.  You can’t open or export categories, just “expand” them on your way down to the actual documents.

“Documents” are the actual entries that users created based on forms (such as Contact Profiles, Opportunities, Bookings, and Billings, etc).


Using AccountReporter is always the preferred method for extracting data from AccountManager and/or SalesAnalysis, however if you must extract information from a particular view, you can follow one of the recommendations below:

  1. Copying selected items as a table (click here for instructions)
  2. Printing the selected view (click here for instructions)