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Archiving SalesAnalysis Data

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(Note:  For archiving in AccountManager, click here).

Archiving in SalesAnalysis  (“SA”) allows your company to move data out of the working databases that is no longer be needed on a day-to-day basis, but is still relevant enough that it should be kept somewhere for possible future reference.  This frees up space and can improve performance by reducing the overall size of the databases.  It also often helps your users navigate the remaining data more easily, since the archived data is out of the way.  

The most common archiving practice for SA is to simply archive “all sales data up to   (a certain date)  ” and for example, only leave the most recent 2-3 years of data in your main SA database.  

If you’d like to archive SA data, have your administrator send an email to the Empowering Systems Support Department at  

They will need to let us know:

1. the date they’d like to archive up to, and 

2. whether they want us to go by Invoice Date or Commission Paid Date.  

We will handle the entire process on the server and advise the administrator once the archive is complete.  The end result will be the documents moved to a separate copy of the SA database, that contains only the archived data. This archive database can be opened or reviewed at anytime, however the Archive is not reversible, so extreme caution and planning should be exercised before requesting the final archive be performed.