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AccountManager Desktop Client Installation & Setup Guide

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Prerequisites: To install Notes and AccountManager you will need the following:

  • Your Notes Username and Password (see your system administrator if you don’t have this)
  • Your Domino Servername (see your system administrator if you don’t have this)
  • Your Company’s Folder Name on the Domino server. (Empowering Systems Cloud Customers Only)
  • A downloaded copy of the Client software download file. (below)

The recommended minimum memory configuration is 8 GB of memory for Windows computers. The recommended optimum system configuration is Windows 11, 64-bit, Intel i7 processor, 16GB memory (or more), and a 500GB SSD harddrive.

***Click here to Download the Notes Client software installation kit***
also download
***Click here to Download the Notes Client FP2 software installation kit***

IMPORTANT! Once Part 1 & 2 are complete, refer back to these instructions to go through Part 3. Your system will NOT be fully installed until Part 3 has been completed successfully.

Part 1 – Installing Notes

1. Launch the downloaded file (Notes_12.0.2_Win_English.exe).

2. The “Welcome to the Installation Wizard for HCL Notes 12.0” window will be displayed.
Click “Next”.

3. The “License Agreement” window will be displayed. Select “I accept the terms of the
license agreement” and click “Next”.

4. The “Installation Path Selection” screen will appear.
We recommend accepting the default locations,

Choose Install this application “Only for me” and Click “Next”

5. The “Custom Setup” screen will appear.
Accept the default choices and click “Next”

6. The “Ready to Install the Program” screen will appear, Click “Next”.
The installation will now proceed.
This will take a few minutes.

7. The “Install Wizard Completed Screen” will appear. Click “Finish”

Once this is complete

8. Launch the second downloaded file (Notes_12.0.2FP2_Win32.exe).

Go through the wizard to complete the installation.

This Completes the Part 1 “Installing Notes”.

Part 2 – Configuring Notes

We recommend configuring your computer’s power settings to not power the computer down during the initial replication of the AccountManager databases.

1. Launch Notes by clicking Start > Programs > HCL Applications > HCL Notes

2. The “Notes Client Configuration, Welcome” screen will appear Click “Next

3. The “User Information” screen will appear.
Enter your “email address” in the “Your Name” field
Enter your “Domino Servername” in the Domino Server Field. Click Next.

4. You should now be prompted for your Notes password. Enter your password
and click “OK”

5. The “Create Cross Certificate” screen may appear. If so click “Yes”

6. The “Instant Messaging Setup” will now appear. Uncheck “Setup Instant Messaging”
then click “Next”

7. The “Additional Services” screen will now appear. Do not select any options and
Click “Next”

8. The “Notes setup is complete” screen should now appear. Click “OK”

9. The “Create Cross Certificate” screen may now appear. If so click “Yes”

10. The “Notes setup” screen will appear after some processing. Click the check next
to “No thanks, just give me the defaults”

IMPORTANT! Continue on to Part 3. Your system will NOT be fully installed until Part 3 has been completed successfully.

Part 3 – AccountManager Installation

Run AM Client Setup

1. From the menu at the top of the screen select “File > Open > Notes Application”

2. On the box that pops up, delete “on my computer” and type in your domino servername, then hit Enter

(Hosting Customers Only) 3. Scroll down to your company’s folder and double click on it

4. Scroll through the list of databases to “AM Client Setup” (the database name may be
preceded with your company’s name) and double click on it. This will open the Setup

5. If prompted to create a “Cross Certificate” respond with “Yes”

6. If prompted with an “Execution Security Alert” select “Start Trusting this signer” and
click “OK”

7. From the Main screen of the AM Client setup click “Start”

8. Follow the on screen prompts. At one point you may be presented with an “Exit” button,
click it then restart Notes.

That’s It! You are now ready to use Notes and AccountManager.

(Optional) Set Workspace as the Home Page
Click the “Open” Button in the upper left corner of the screen, select “Applications” then Right Click on the “Workspace” icon and select ‘Set Bookmark as Home Page’.