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Update Principal CRM systems quickly and easily with the Principal CRM Dashboard in AccountManager!

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Here at Empowering Systems we’ve recently announced the release of the AccountManager Principal CRM Dashboard. This is a new feature that simplifies the difficult task of updating multiple Principals’ CRM systems. The dashboard frees up salespeople from the overhead of learning and updating many CRM systems and puts them back in front of customers.   We’ve taken on the challenge of creating a tool for manufacturers’ representatives that saves time, reduces costs and improves the accuracy of updating different manufacturers’ CRM systems. Manufacturers representatives need a way to maintain their own CRM information while reducing the burden put on sales people to update the myriad of CRM systems of their Principals.

By utilizing the Principal CRM Dashboard, data entry time gets cut in half (at least!).  All opportunity information is entered into AccountManager were management can review it.  The Dashboard shows you what has changed and what’s new in these opportunities and easily lets you select and perform the update in your Principals systems.  Data entry only happens once. Only one person in your organization needs to learn all the principal  systems and use the dashboard to easily update opportunities in those systems!.  Your sales teams works only in the AccountManager.  By having one place for management to review all the information and have visibility for updates, it also increases the accuracy of your reporting.

Take a minute to check out the demonstration below to see how you can use it in your company.  For more info sign up for a tutorial.