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Are you sending out Holiday Cards or Emails this year?

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We’re half way through November!  Is your company sending out holiday cards or emails this year?  If so, how do you narrow down the list?   Many of you might have thousands of contacts in your AccountManager by now, so what’s the easiest way to manage who you’ll be sending your seasons greetings to?

We suggest using AccountManager’s Mail List Folders.  They’re quick and easy to create right from the “Actions” menu in AccountManager.

Click here to watch a quick video on how you can create a Mail List folder in less than a minute, and whether you’ve tasked one person with this year’s mailing, or you want to get everyone involved in making the list, these folders will certainly help focus your efforts.

As you can see in the video, populating the mail list is simply a matter of dragging and dropping the contacts you want, into the folder.  You can instruct your salespeople to each drag their own contacts (from their top/key accounts for example) into the folder by a certain date. If you’re sending a holiday email, you could use the Broadcast Email feature to do that in bulk by “BCC’ing” several hundred contacts at a time.  If you’re sending paper cards through the mail, you can use this mail list folder to prepare Mailing Labels to make addressing those envelopes a breeze. 

Click here to watch a short video on the Mailing Labels feature of AccountManager.  This feature will export all the contacts’ addresses into a Microsoft Word document formatted for the label type you select.  All you need to do after that, is load the labels into your printer and print them out.

For more ideas on using AccountManager for eMarketing in general, please don’t forget to check out this tutorial document in our knowledge base!

As always, let us know in the Support Department if there’s anything we can do to assist.  Happy Holidays!